Steps to detox your life

Today my patient said, “Never stop laughing. It is so good for the soul.”

If you aren’t happy what is the point of the continuos efforts you put into your work and the people you choose to surround yourself with in your life day to day?? Detox your life. Learn what you need. Learn what you want. And more importantly what you don’t want. Write it down. Live up to it. Don’t accept anything less than euphoria. Happiness is homemade. You: your life, your body, your soul, is your home. 

-ask yourself these questions 

-science shows that writing down your goals and setting it in a place you see daily will help live up to it and go out of your way to provide for the goals

  1. What do you want for yourself? Short term? Long term? 
  2. What do you need?
  3. What are some things you do not want for yourself? Where do you draw the line for certain circumstances?
  4. What do you never want to need?  
  5. What are your values?
  6. What are your triggers?
  7. What would you do on a day off if you could do anything?
  8. What do you want to learn 
  9. Are you at peace with your past
  10. Are you at peace with the journey life is taking you on 
  11. What do you want out of a partner 
  12. What is love to you 
  13.  What are essential factors for a relationship 
  14. What are your boundaries 
  15. How much of yourself are you willing to give to another person 
  16. What are your priorities now and what do you want them to be in five years 
  17. What is your biggest worry right now 
  18. What would you like your biggest worry to be in five years 
  19. Is there something you will do anything to never have to worry about
  20. What are the things people have done to you on the past that you have sworn to never let yourself deal with again 
  21. Things you have done in the past that you’ve sworn to never do again 

Be true to yourself. I do not say this lightly. For the most part The people on your life five years ago probably aren’t the same ones standing besides you today . Think on a larger scale. You’re problems today most likely won’t be a thought in your mind in a year from now or even five. Stay simple to yourself, and admit the complicated side of yourself to others. That way, they won’t expect you to be so simple when things go wrong theyb can remmeber your just human. You’re you. If they can’t handle that, there’s the door!

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He’s a douche

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