March 29

There are so many fucking poor excuses for men , and women, out in this world. 

Fuck domestic violence 

Fuck this system letting them out on bail

Fuck the fact that less than 25% of women who try to leave an abuser survive and actually make it to their new life

Fuck the fact that you don’t truly know anyone . Not your family -your significant other  //makes you feel like maybe not even your god damn self

 Fuck cheating

Fuck control 

Fuck people kicking good people to the curb and not believing they can be something better 

Fuck yourseld for keep going back to the ones who hurt you continuously 

Fuck fear for being scared to start fresh


Start new

Realize your problems will make you stronger and give more perspective though other s eyes later on

Find life escape life whatveer you feel you need or want to do.

Goodnight sorry this post sucks to anyone who actually read it 


So over all these modern day temp love cycles we invest ourselves in.

Flirtationships for when it’s good for us or the other person just to boost our ego and feel wanted

Toxic relationships we do everything in our power to convince ourselves there’s some odd way it can work but the back of our mind we know were fooling ourselves 

Why can’t we just want the best for ourselves and save us the bullshit!


On a brighter note….. It’s national puppy day and I should be adopting a cute little one any minute!!!!🙆🙆🙆🙆🐾🐾🐾🐾 dogs rule boys drool

Moving on 

Are relationships just a way of using people to feel better?

Feel better about our failures- our family -our past, –or even the person who hurt us last???

Every relationship seems better than the last doesn’t it?

We try to scheme ourselves into believing it’s because we’ve learned better – stepped our game up- raised our standards 

But maybe it’s just this new person has reached the level of ability of making us forget about the last one..


Friendships are the most important relationships in life, inferior to the one we have with ourself, of course.

Recently I got back in touch with an old friend- a best friend . Things reconnected as if time didn’t exist 

What makes us distant ? Why do we let life get in the way

We push people away when we hurt

But isn’t that the point of friends

To help us through the hurt ?

Dear nice guys…. Sincerely, nice girls

Dear nice guys… (Particularly the one who posted the elite daily article)

You just don’t understand anything about women, do you? I mean I know we don’t even understand us … But seriously.. Do you think there is only nice guys vs assholes? Do you really think that is still the game being played? News flash this isn’t the century of the prince vs villain  anymore!

  1. There are two types of girls. Independent vs dependent.  >>>>> independent women are scared shitless of relationships and come off as bitches when we deny or end one …while dependent can jump one relationship to the next and each lasting as long as 8 years 
  2. If you are being friend zoned or using the excuse your too nice,… You, sir, lack edge . Edge is the sexiest thing and to a woman it is also the most masculine thing!
  3. Yes it is possible to be too stable. Why should I open up to you when I feel like it’s just another 15  years of my life I have to mask because your parents are happily married and you had the perfect ideal education and occupation while mine abandoned me at 15 and I’m still trying to figure out my educational goals?  It’s not that we necesSrily want a fucked up guy, but the more they can understand where I’m coming from ? The better
  4. We like fucked up. Fine it’s true. Women are nurturers and we want to fix … No… We want to make the lives in front of us better by being in it!! If your fine an dandy when we meet you what’s the fun in that.
  5. It freaks us out when your too calm. That’s just waiting for a bomb to explode when were maried for three months and find out you have an apparent anger problem. Finding out earlier is preferred and gives us something to help.
  6. Anger / protection is hot. Except when directed at your girl of course. And only when it’s about her protection.  Not possession. A niiiiice guy might hesitate that punch and your girl goes home crying “baby why did that happen I didn’t do anything wrong to them” Instead of hot make up sex for saving yur princess … Your choice boys💁
  7. Bad boys have jobs that get their hands dirty. Sorry but it turns me on more than your office paperwork. 
  8. They’re better in bed. Make us wanna be sexier and try new things because well your probably over satisfied with the general things I’m doing while that’s foreplay for him. …It’s just better. Sorry but it’s science. 
  9. I don’t want to do family dinners with you and your stupid perfect family !!!!!!!!
  10. Red roses make me think of funerals , 12 of them make me consider putting myself 6 feet under. Stop. Buying. Themx
  11. Learn sarcasm. Or how to tease. Quit smiling at me all the time
  12. Be real with me. Sometimes too real is harsh but I like it in the long run
  13. Have a life of your own. If your free everytime I text you or ask if your busy.., that’s just weird 
  14. Be Dirty . Even subtlety . Cheesy pick up lines get me every time 
  15. Grab my ass in public once ina while and please stop clinching into my hands I feel like they are going to fall off 
  16. Be rough . Helloooo go watch some chic flics and learn how to pick a girl up or push her against the wall. I’m sure there is a YouTube channel just for hottest hookups. Ex the notebook raining scene or dear john also raining scene 
  17. As for the real assholes, Assholes don’t start off as assholes …,, they charm us in. Until we are stuck. And then we become the stupid girl with the douchebag bf always making her cry and leave parties. We hate that girl and have all been there and hope it is the last time we are ever that girl.   

Since it’s past 3 am this is to be continued . 

We want a man who is nice with rough sides and edge who makes us feel wanted and safe. 

Not to be confused with a nice guy who makes us feel adored 5evrr and comfortable.


The nice girls 

The bandaid girl

Seems to be lately that I keep meeting guys who are still hung up on their ex. Who just so happens to be a grade A bitch cheating scum heart stealing slob. All in the while they tell me I’m the ideal girl. “Perfect”, “The type you marry”, “the type that should have been her” but they are “so fucked” from her. Bc they loved her and thought she was perfect and didn’t see it coming and blah fucking blah. Or they asked and belived her answer and it got spit back in their face. So here they are. And here you are.

No more being the band aid girl. 

They need to man the fuck up. So what tey got their little heart broken.  Two things are bound to happen.

1-you will become band aid girl 

Because you cannot fix people

And boom there goes your heart effort and soul

2-he becomes a man whore hating all women because of one woman

You’re better that that, girl.

Wait for a man! A man who pursues you. Who is sure they want you. What a turn off it is when someone is unsure if their heart beats for you.

Bye Felicia 

Healthy vs toxic love